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I N T E R N A T I O N A L    Z O N E 



Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.







The International Zone located next to the Commonwealth Games Village at Bukit Jalil serves as the nerve centre where dissemination of information, accreditation and co-ordination, etc will be carried out for the 1998 Commonwealth Games.  All facilities required by SUKOM (the Games organising body) are accommodated within a 4-storey complex.  These facilities include a Mayor's office, a mini hospital, a 2000 seater dining hall, a food court and an entertainment centre.  As the international zone building is to be refurbished to become a shopping complex after the Commonwealth Games, the commercial criteria are carefully considered in the spatial layout with the culmination of a central focus of the atrium.  The atrium rises from ground floor to the roof terrace and horizontally stretches out to each floor with the skylight providing filtered daylight to all the visual spaces.  The curvilinear and staggered set back of the elevation on one side of the building is adopted to address the irregular land form at the adjacent.  Horizontal treatment was accorded to the façade design to emphasis the horizontal spread of the building with vertical juxtaposition of the columns at the ground and second floor to balance the composition.


Two cineplex and food courts to cater for both the duration of the Games and the commercial operation are accommodated on the third floor and the roof top terrace respectively.  With its centrally located position and well planned floor layout the international zone/shopping complex is set to fulfil its objectives as the nerve centre for the Commonwealth Games and the commercial hub of the Games Village condominium development.


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