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Permaipura Golf & Country Clubhouse  

Location: Kedah


Status: Completed


The Permaipura Club House consist of three blocks, The Main Entrance Block, The Changing and The Kitchen Block all linked to one another. 


At inception, the client’s main concern was the high maintenance cost faced by most clubhouses in the country.  Thus, the challenge was to provide an optimum but dignified clubhouse that houses facilities equivalent to the other clubhouses if not better.


To achieve this grandeur, the building is centrally located on a mount overlooking the fairways.  The main approach is via a driveway that ramps up to a one storey high porte cochere.  A small tower is located above the main entrance lobby.  A grand staircase leads down to the main lounge.  The lounge is a large open naturally ventilated space with the panoramic view of Kedah peak. The buildings although a low rise, it is prominently visible from the North South Expressway.


The materials and finishes used are simple with choice of colours to reflect a rustic outlook to blend with the environment.  The structure is in light beige with local concrete tiled-roof to maintain its residential nature and also to emphasise its visibility.


Flexibility has been the main criteria in planning with the introduction of standard structural grid system, to allow for future expansion and changes for upgrading of facilities and spaces.





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