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Lot 61 Bangsar

Location: Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Status: Proposal

Lot 61 Bangsar will become a vibrant green activity hub that will be the preeminent place to live, work and recreate in Bangsar Baru. This objective will be achieved by the implementation of 6 Key Ideas; 

Gateway to Bangsar 

Green Activated Pedestrian Central Park 

Tempered and Protected Outdoor Garden Environment 

Private Roof Garden Residential Activity Zone 

New High Streets 

Integrated Environmentally Sustainable Design 


The primary objective of the design proposal is to create a welcoming, active and comfortable outdoor park environment that will be unique in Kuala Lumpur. This proposal seeks to create an environment similar to KLCC Park in terms of its natural beauty, but one that is comfortable to be out of doors in the warmest or wettest part of the day, and one that is alive with activity at all times. 

Access to the site will be optimised for vehicles by the creation of ramps accessing the major road systems as well as the creation of a two way road network at grade using a High Street model where both sides of the street are activated with retail and where on street carparking is provided. All buildings on the site will be addressed from this internal road network. The Central Garden zone will be separated from the street network by one level and so will be visible from it and easily accessed by pedestrians. 

The proposed development mix for the site consists of a combination of Commercial Offices in various configurations, High Rise Residential, Retail and a 350 Key 5 Star Hotel all serviced by carparking provisions in compliance to the full requirements of DBKL.  

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