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SJCC - Subang Jaya City Center TOD

Location: Subang Jaya

Status: Proposal


In this era of the globalised knowledge-based economy, the place that can attract the rising number of mobile creative executives holds the key to be the prime real estate address. SJCC East’s design concept plans to provide sustainable residences and a public park to complement the office spaces and retail area not only in the development but also in the other surrounding buildings thus creating an environmentally-friendly node and landmark.


As such, the current site situated on a major transit node is in an excellent position to capitalize on this new working trend. SJCC East is envisioned to house cultural activity spaces, a diverse workspace environment, a unique business hotel, and a globally connected active living ecosystem catering for the rising international executives as well as KLites and tourists in general. This, in turn, will ensure the urban relevance and permanence of the new development that will hopefully serve the Subang Jaya community as well the public in general.  

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