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Kinrara Smart City

Location: Puchong, Kinrara, Selangor Darul Ehsan.


Status: Proposal


The proposed development will be a commercial nucleus for Kinrara to be called 'Kinrara Smart City'.  As the word 'smart' suggests of neatness, cleanliness and intelligence, the 'city' suggests of self-contained, organized and business.  The 'Smart City' apart from catering the needs within the Kinrara enclave, is also self-supporting inter-complimentary amongst the development components consisting of the east and west shopping malls with corporate office towers sitting atop forming the gateway into the 'Smart City' via Jalan Puchong simultaneously impact as a landmark of Kinrara.  Other components are the business park comprising retail, offices and studio flats, luxury apartments and penthouse suites as well as the clubhouse.  Institution for Information Technology and the IT Base Central Management office completes the city component.


The overall commercial gross floor area (GFA) totals up to 3,297,220 sq ft with the non-commercial premises of the management office and the clubhouse of an approximately 25,000 sq ft, the grand total of built-up area adds up to 3,322,220 sq ft.  Having the land area of 54 acres, the plot ratio for the overall development is kept low.

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