Architect’s Statement



Set within the heart of the new Sime Darby Township in Shah Alam, Denai Alam J13 is situated at a quaint residential enclave surrounded by natural lush of greeneries. 54 units of dynamic yet modern contemporary semi detached homes are introduced within the 11 acres of land in the housing development scheme. The site having ‘Denai’ as the main theme has always been the key feature in J13 home design apart from other tantalizing feature. J13 will create a difference, improved lifestyle, convenience, comfort and reasonably affordable homes for the future. Time has come for relaxation and tranquility.


Site Concept

Denai Alam J13 comprises of 4 types of designed home variations with relatively all types devised with double volume living, garages for car port, ample bedroom spaces and garden living within the house just to mention a few. From the outset, the site benefits from a good orientation with gentle slopes. The design attempts to capitalize on the natural topography, to create a harmonious union between built form and the environment. In addition to that, the interior spatial arrangements are derived from a careful analysis of prevailing environmental factors; such as sun path and prevailing winds.  The rooms are orientated to capture as much daylight as possible with fenestration strategically placed to maximize the effectiveness of natural ventilation.


Type A is composed in a more linear manner, which runs along the north eastern edge of the site. The dwellings are specifically designed to convey the ‘Denai’ concept, whereby common living areas are clustered at the end, to evoke a retreat like living ambiance. While other types (Type B, C and D) which do not have the same privileges as home Type A, they are designed in such a way with some other tempting design programs are imposed into the blue print where the pattern of the overall layout of J13 is clear and legible. In addition, the introduction of the ‘cul-de-sac’ road design within the community is incorporated which has put it in a more controlled environment, providing privacy, security and exclusiveness to the Denai Alam J13 residencies.


Design Concept

Conceptually, the overall home design concept of Denai Alam J13 is based on the Modern Contemporary theme which sets the architectural trend. Mainly, the architectural features are to be clean contemporary rendered forms with sleek cutting-edge design and the expression of the natural materials is conveyed in each type differently but uniformly. The modules are demarcated by the full height parti walls, slicing the block into individual segments to accentuate the divided mass. And within the mass is where spaces and openings are carved. The design of each type is articulated in different approach yet expressing in the same design language as overall.


Denai Alam J13 will endow a better living comfort in each of its unit. Main spaces and rooms are being extended as to provide more quality space to the occupants. Besides that, study area/ home office is also being introduced in the layout scheme apart from the spacious home entertainment area. Generally, Denai Alam J13 semidetached homes are furnished with 4+1+1 bedrooms and attached with a bathroom for each dedicated room. A walk-in wardrobe is also incorporated within the master bedroom to add more of its exclusivity and value to the unit. In type B units for example, segregation of different floor level in between space is created as to craft more interesting spatial arrangement of the house. Every main area of the house is splitted in a different platform as to differentiate the usage of the space.


Moreover, continuity of the external terraces from the front to the back has become a facet of the home design whilst provides a series of transition spaces between inside and outside. The living and dining are open to the outdoor terrace. Lushed landscape that surrounds the building enhances the tranquility of the compound with pockets of private gardens protected by screened walls. Each unit is equipped with a garage for car port which can accommodate 2 vehicles at a time, which breaks the bohemian way of treating a car port design in Malaysia.


Sustainable Architecture

Green building has always been the main objective in creating a more sustainable home in Denai Alam J13. Various applications in achieving sustainability have been considered during the early design inception such as the use of Rain Water Harvesting system where it has been applied in the homes of Denai Alam J13. This gives the values of recycling water usage for planting or any other landscape usage. In the other hand, the selection of eco materials for the building may also add up to the significance of a sustainable building character and as well as the landscape pattern which contribute to a better ecological green architecture.

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