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MPAJ Tower

Location: Pandan Indah, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Status: Completed

The 17-storey tower is a major component of the 10 acres comprehensive development comprising of a retail centre, 5 blocks office tower (10 - 17 storeys) and shop offices.


This is a privatisation project where the developer build and transfer to the Government the Town Council block and retain the rest for sale or rental.


The design challenge was to satisfy the commercial need of the developer and at the same time providing a respectable/prominent location for the Town Council Building.


Although located at the rear end of the site, the prominence of the MPAJ Tower is achieved by the symmetrical arrangement flanked by the other four office towers.  The plaza is actually located on the roof of the retail centre. With this arrangement the retail centre could afford the street frontage that is requires to ensure its commercial success.  The massive car parking provision is discretely hidden under the podium away from public view, without having to invest in expensive basement parkings.


The approach to the building is very dignified and formal befitting its stature as the Town Council headquarters.  The drive up to the ramp lined with Royal Palms akin to driving up to Capital Hall.  As one arrives on top of the hill before arriving at the formal porte cochere the view of the green lawn and the amphitheatre is revealed with the serenity of a formal garden away from the bustling crowd of the rest of the development.

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