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FAA involvement in Malaysian Architecture

Arkitek FAA originated in 1986. . In the late 1980s and the early 1990s, with the growing economic strength of the region and the widely acclaimed “Asian Economic Miracle” simultaneously expanded the practice’s size and allowed the firm to flourish in one of the most iconic Malaysian economic environments.


By 2000 the practice has become one of Malaysia’s leading practices. The range of project types and sizes expanded considerably into campuses, sports facilities, institutional buildings, commercial complexes. Other areas of involvement include mixed developments, golf courses, resorts and residential developments.


Masterplanning became a significant focus of the practice, particularly for tertiary education and research campuses, and sporting venues. A number of competitions were won including Masterplanning for Malaysian 1998 Common Wealth Games and University Islam Malaysia.


Today the scale and diversity of the projects is managed by the design directorship of Dato‘ Ar. Hj Mohd Fazillah Mohd Ali DSDK, BKM and Hj Nor Hisham Hassan whom maintains the philosophical principals and design quality which have been canonical to the FAA ethos.

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