The primary objective of the design proposal is to create a welcoming, calming, luxurious and comfortable housing resort development that will be unique in Malaysia. This proposal seeks to create an environment similar to a resort in terms of engagement with nature (ie Datai), but one that adapted to community living and one that is engrained with Crime Prevention through passive design.



The main gateway to the site framed by the crescent apartment building to the lake, the area will be double up as a place for major drop-off points and shall be activated with ad grade retail and where on street parking is provided. This shall be the public front of the development where eateries, cafes selling delicatessen and local convenience shop


A secondary road shall tap into the main crescent road, where a guard house shall limit the public access to the various precincts. This will continue on to become a tree lined perimeter road that circumnavigates the site to allow access to the various house clusters, and shall be planted with lush tall trees that canopy over the road thus proving a scenic entrance to each home. The perimeter road shall also be  a security feature allowing passive surveillance and form of barrier from the actual units.


The proposed development mix for the site consist of a combination of terrace house, Straight Through Apartments , a retail hub and a clubhouse facility all in compliance to local planning guidelines.