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FAA offers the following primary services :

- Architecture

- Master Planning and Urban Design

- Interior Design

- Feasibility Studies

- Project Management

- Graphic Design


The firm has implemented projects of varying types and sizes. Over the years we have been recognized for our expertise in certain fields such as Sports Stadia, Campus planning, Research Facilities and Security facilities (prisons and military facilities).


However over the years we have implemented repeatedly virtually every type of building with varying sizes. From master planning and design of campuses sports facilities, institutional buildings, commercial complexes to towers, research centers, golf courses, resorts and residential developments.


With a vast pool of resources and experience, Arkitek FAA has the capacity to deliver larger complex projects as well as specialized buildings. For smaller private projects, professionalism is not eroded but enhanced by personalized attention. The firm is poised for further commitment as the nation progresses towards the next millennium.








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