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Police HQ Langkawi

Location: Kuah, Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman. 

Status: Completed

The commission is outcome of a closed design competition involving 10 architectural firms.  Our scheme was selected by the jury and the Prime Minister for fulfilling the functional requirement of the brief and conforming to the budget.

The project is located on a 10 acre site in the tourist island destination of Langkawi.  As such, the architecture should depart from the conventional police district architecture and reflects some resort outlook.  This was achieved through the utilization of pitch roof, coping, timber struts groove lines and railing that has timber motives (although made of glass reinforced concrete).

The complex houses a district police headquarters, a cell annexe, a transportation and logistics center, a main hall, a surau and about 300 units of various residential of various types to cater for the different ranking police personnel.

The site is located on a 20° slope rising from the road to the back of the site.  This topographical character of the site is capitalized in the site planning concept.  The headquarters building is located at the forefront facing the parade ground.  The residential units are arranged in the order of the hierarchy of the ranking with the lower ranking officers residence at the lower and higher ranking officers at the higher end.  The approach road culminates at the camp commandant's bungalow.

Despite a tight site, we have managed to create a conducive housing layout that segregate the vehicular and pedestrian flow.  Almost all of the residential units faces the internal garden courtyard.




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