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Johor Sport City

Location: Senai, Johor Darul Takzim.


Status: Proposal


Johor Sports City stems from the idea of combining health and prosperity.  The rationale for the development of the sports complex is derived from the aim of providing opportunity for all with better and comprehensive facilities in sports and recreational be it in leisure or high performance sport.  Johor Sports City takes into consideration the interest and needs of the young, old, handicapped, talented, male or female.  The needs identified span from addressing specific issues like channelling youths' activities encouraging research and development in sports technology, sports medicine and improving standards and performance for competitive sports.


The proposed site of 300 acres is located in Senai, Johor.  Close to the Senai International Airport it is 40km from Johor Bahru city centre.  Having a strategic location, Johor Sports City will also take advantage of the existing and proposed infrastructure networks including the highway interchange of existing North-South Highway and proposed second link (to Singapore).  The proposed LRT/MRT route will pass amidst the site dividing it into two halves.  These infrastructures put together will enhance local and foreign attendances to the Sports City.


The commercial zone planned at the centre of the city will be the nucleus of the development while the main stadium as the focal point will be linked up to other facilities by pedestrian malls that will create an environment conducive to sports and recreation.  Water bodies and green areas are introduced ensuring integration of water sports and recreation in the city.  In line with the concept of healthy living, the Sports City is to be a 'green city' with large pockets of landscaped park and recreation areas, providing a healthy and comfortable environment for its residents and users.


The Outdoor Stadium, occupying the central positon of the Johor Sports City, it is designed to harmonise national and international trends in architecture with state-of-the-art technology to make a timeless impression on the city space of Johor Bahru.  With a capacity seating of 50,000 on two tiers, the Outdoor Stadium is a third generation stadium allowing flexibility for future additional capacity.


The Multi Purpose Indoor Stadium houses sophisticated facilities and equipment needed to host a variety of events, from international indoor sports to entertainment shows.


Fully air-conditioned, it has a capacity of approximately 12,000 seats of which 9,000 seats permanently arranged around the arena.  The remaining 3,000 seats are movable within the arena.


The Swimming Complex is made up of a competition pool, a diving pool and a warm-up pool with a capacity seating of 3,000.  The design encourages public participation incorporating facilities for the family.






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