P5 Stadium, Putrajaya

A design competition winning entry for the Putrajaya communal use, the P5 Sports Complex meets the standards of international sporting bodies. To host international events, the complex includes facilities of 30,000 seats for outdoor stadia, a multi-use indoor stadium and a kart circuit.


P5 Outdoor Stadium, Putrajaya

The outdoor stadium holds a capacity of 30,000 seats, with the main roof potraying a significant characteristic of a tropical leaf. The retractable roof enhanced the flexibility of the facility beyond than just a sporting arena.


P5 Indoor Stadium, Putrajaya

The indoor stadium in Precinct 5 Putrajaya takes the footprint of a futsal court as a requirement. With a capacity of 4,500 the spatial volume is accessible from an elevated concourse common to the adjacent outdoor stadium. Arena layouts are design for flexibility in stage options and retractable seats.




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