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Precint 5 Sport Complex

Location: Precint 5, Putrajaya

Status: Proposal



The precinct 5 Sports Complex is located in Precinct 5 of Putrajaya, and is envisaged to be the main Sports Facility that caters for the overall population of Putrajaya.


The prime objective of the Sports Complex development is to provide sports and games facilities which meet base requirements of international standards, and do not surpass the facilities provided at the National Sports Centre at Bukit Jalil.


Basic facilities, such as grandstand, administration & support facilities etc., are to be provided with possible upgrading for future international events when required.


The development of the P5 Sports Complex is envisioned to be the embodiment of the modern interpretation of sports and address the following site and contextual concerns:


The architecture and design of the landmark developments within the precinct

The continuity of the design features and typology within the precinct

In relation with visual axis / vista to which the complex is part of. 


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