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FAA's commitment to address sustainable environmental, social and economic challenges was embedded in our methodologies long before it became compulsory. We draw from the knowledge of the Malaysian Vernacular. Sustainable design is a collaborative process that involves thinking ecologically –studying systems, relationships and interactions.


Over 70% of the average city’s greenhouse gas emissions are estimated to derive from buildings. Reducing these will require radical transformation in the ways that the built environment is planned, designed, built and operated. Sustainability is not a hindrance but an element which enriches design. It seeks to reduce construction and operation cost and ultimately helps to conserve earths limited resources. 


Through various ecological understanding of how systems works, FAA created a comprehensive practice strategy, dedicated design tools and methods to maximize the sustainable values of every project. As part of our continual development we are now able to draw on modeling and computational design analysis to create a holistic ESD approach evident in our design solutions. The practice has a track record of designing green building which includes the development of Bio-XCell a GBI  accredited building. Such projects have developed FAA's understanding of sustainable strategies and methodologies.


FAA provides a creative and viable strategies that enable clients to move towards fully sustainable buildings. At the beginning of every project, FAA aims to provide clients with a strategy for design within the natural capacity of the planet. This helps to clients to understand how to make their investments :


- Carbon neutral

- Self-sufficient by rainwater harvesting

- Built using sustainable materials

- Coping with climate change

- Sustainable in operation

- Positive contribution to the community and environment


FAA is experienced in helping clients gain the required green building accreditations such as GBI and GreenMark.


Sustainability is at the core of FAA businesses.

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